Token Quality: 600 DPI Scan & Comparison

I scanned a couple tokens to show what the quality of my Recoculous token cards (which were printed by The Game Crafter). Here is a scan at 600 DPI. Two Magic: the Gathering cards were also scanned to use for comparison. You have to click on the image to see the quality at a high resolution. I am selling some Recoculous cards on ebay. Go here to take a look at my auctions. Continue reading


Series 1 Tokens: Part 1

Joan of Arc 1865 by John Everett MillaisI have made several tokens that can be used for Magic: the Gathering, had them professionally printed, and have listed many of them on ebay. This collection of twelve cards features some of the more commonly used tokens. I believe all the images used to be in the public domain, but I have modified some of them. The images I modified are copyrighted by me (James W Gray).  Continue reading