Series 1 Tokens: Part 1

Joan of Arc 1865 by John Everett MillaisI have made several tokens that can be used for Magic: the Gathering, had them professionally printed, and have listed many of them on ebay. This collection of twelve cards features some of the more commonly used tokens. I believe all the images used to be in the public domain, but I have modified some of them. The images I modified are copyrighted by me (James W Gray). 

angel token dragon token blue black faerie rogue token satyr card soldier card knight card goblin human centaur elf cleric beast

Card back


The images used for the Goblin and Elf Warrior tokens were photoshopped from images found in the public domain.

Lamia by John William Waterhouse Joan of Arc 1865 by John Everett Millais

Here’s a scan of one of these tokens and a Magic: the Gathering card was also scanned for comparison in order to help you judge the quality of the cards:

elf warrior token


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