Series 1 Tokens: Part 2

Jacques-Louis David NapoleonThese thirteen tokens that (to my knowledge) have never been officially made for Magic: the Gathering. I put some up for sale on ebay. I believe all the images used to be in the public domain, but I have modified some of them. The images I modified are copyrighted by me (James W Gray).

insect token caribou token citizen token deserter card goblin card giant card minor demon minion sand warrior serf survivor wolves of the wild hunt kobold

Card back


The images used for Goblin and Kobold were both modified. The Goblin modification is the following:

Jacques-Louis David Napoleon

Here is a high quality scan of one of these cards and a Magic card, which can be used for comparison. The scan can help you judge the quality of these Recoculous cards:

goblin token scan


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